China Adolescent Robotics Competition (CARC)

The 17th CARC

Started in 2001, China Adolescent Robotics Competition (CARC) is an annual event for primary and secondary school students all over the country. Students design and build robots applying their knowledge in science, engineering, mathematics and computer programing. In the meantime, they learn the skills of communication, teamwork and problem-solving which are not only rewarding right now, but also proven paths to successful career and brighter future. Each year, CARC attracts over 1400 young students and the winning teams are qualified for the international robotics competitions.

World Adolescent Robot Contest 2019 (WARC 2019)

World Adolescent Robot Contest (WARC) is a grand festival for youths across the world to showcase their talent and skills in designing and building robots. By bringing these future engineers and technology experts together through engaging and collaborative competitions, WARC wishes to ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics among these young people, and inspire ... Read more >